Warranty Information

A. Following issues are to be communicated to G5 within 30 days from the date of receipt of goods.

  •  Manufacturing defects
  •  Hardware breakage
  •  Deviation in specifications
  •  Other damages in product (exterior or interior)
  •  Damages during transit

B. We offer 12 month limited warranty that covers repair or replacement of the product having a defect that is NOT the result of normal wear and tear or a natural characteristic of the materials used. This will not cover:

  •   Abuse or negligent use of product resulting in excessive damage or wear.
  •   Any damage to the contents placed inside.
  •   Normal, acceptable, inevitable colour variations in fabric colour across different supply batches.
  •   Damage as a result of poor storage conditions.
  •   Scratches, stain or dirt on leather or fabric and incidental or consequential damage as a result of product abuse.
  •   Damage as a result of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, extreme heat, bright lights or similar conditions, resulting in any discolouration.
  •   Damage by corrosive materials such as acids or solvents or dyes, inks, pains, human or animal bodily fluids.
  •   Damage incurred during the handling and transportation of the product after delivery from us.

C. Turnaround time for repair or replacements from factory is 4-5 weeks.

D. Shipping of returns will be on customer's account and shipping of replacements will be on G5's account.

E. Alternatively, G5 shall choose to provide appropriate credit on receipt of the faulty product, depending upon the type of claim sought.

F. G5 QC team will finally assess if the claim is on account of normal wear or negligent use/abuse.